Church Cancellation Policy

Sunday Morning Service

It is the desire of First Baptist to make sure that our doors are open as often as they can be. With this in mind it has been the policy of FBC to try not to cancel the AM Services on Sundays for any reason. However if roads are too slick or it is too dangerous to come to church then we want you to stay home. We remain open for those who are able to travel on Sunday mornings.

Sunday Evening, and Wednesday Night Services

The Sunday evening service is a different story. In case of bad weather, the church staff will try to let people know about services being canceled through our website, facebook, twitter, and by phone call. Wednesday nights are treated like the Sunday evening services.

Van Routes

If services are canceled vans will not run. However, if we are having services when the vans are normally run we will make every effort to run the vans. However a situation might arise where services are held but the vans will not run. You will need to call in advance to find out if we are running the vans on a particular night.