Building Project

First Baptist is a busy church that has lots of things going on. This summer things are getting even crazier. We are renovating our auditorium and making it bigger. Follow this page to see what is going on and check back regularly to see the whole process unfold. We will upload pictures regularly and update the blog below on a weekly basis. Thanks for everyone’s support in making this happen!

Nearing The Finish Line

I realize it has been a bit since the last time I posted an update, but now we are almost done! Currently, the carpet is being laid down. The addition is all drywalled and painted. The stage is carpeted. The pews are covered and done. The only thing we really lack are finish details which I think will be done the next several weeks to come. The only thing that we will have to wait on will be the stained glass windows. We want to thank everyone that has worked so hard to get things where they are currently. We wouldn’t be here without you.

The Drywall Is Up!

These last couple of weeks have been a real whirlwind of work and construction. We finished the framing, knocked out the windows (which let in so much light), brought the drywallers in, and now the taper is doing his thing. The addition is going to look wonderful! At the same time our pews are looking really wonderful too. We can’t wait for them to be padded and finished up. In the next couple of weeks we will begin working on modifying and expanding the stage, painting, and even getting the new carpet down. We would like to once again say thanks to all those individuals who have worked so hard to make this renovation happen. We couldn’t do it without you.

More Work Is Getting Done

Last week we got a lot done again. We did some more framing, moved out some more pews, and this last week we did some jacking to get the floor level. We even got our windows all framed out! It took a lot of work but we are now very close to bringing in the drywallers and tapers. We would like to thank everyone who came out and helped again.

An Amazing Week

We got a lot done last week, and the most of it was done on Thursday night. We had an amazing group of guys show up through out the day to help us get done what we needed to complete. We finished tearing out the wall between the two Sunday school class rooms and the wall that held up the water fountains. These walls were old and very difficult to remove. We would like to thank Pastor Tom, Pastor Daniel, Kevin Smith, Bruce Bean, Wendell Moore, Mike Gifford, Calvin Gipson, Neal Whitworth, and Makcum Kelso for the hard work. We would also like to thank Becky Tucker, Jennifer Lawrence, Lori Lewis, and Bettie Whitworth for bringing food to feed the guys on Thursday evening. We couldn’t have done all that we did without everyone’s help. Thanks.

We’re Making Progress

The demolition has continued. Pastor Tom, Pastor Daniel, and Kevin Smith tore down some more ceilings and even tore down the wall that divides the classrooms from the hall. We now have a great big empty room. Because of all the dust a plastic wall was put up blocking the traffic through the hall. That plastic will remain up for the time being. Traffic will now have to be routed through the sanctuary. We want to say thanks to those who have been giving to the building fund lately and thanks to everyone that worked so hard this week on getting everything torn out. Make sure you check out the newer pictures of the work. They will be found at the end of the image gallery. Thanks again!

Things Are Getting Started

In this last week a lot has happened. Here is the progress in review. Bro. Tom got busy last week by pulling out the ceiling in the old Adult I Sunday school room with the help of Kevin Smith. Then earlier this week Kevin helped Bro. Daniel pull out the ceiling in the old Men’s Sunday school room. They also found a old doorway between the two rooms and reopened it so you can easily go between rooms. Today Bro. Tom has been working on pulling down the wall between the two rooms. It is simply amazing the ruggedness of the old carpentry work in this church. It makes for hard work tearing anything down. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far.